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Q. What are Lipotropics?

A. Lipotropics (Lipo) contain amino acids that promote lean muscle mass, support

a healthy mood, increase metabolism, and support your immune system.          

Q. What is Lipo-Cocktail?

A.  Lipo-Cocktail contains amino acids, multiple B Vitamins, and Carnitine (fat burner). 

Q. How often can I receive the injections?  

A. All Lipo injections can be received weekly.  

Q. Why do I need bloodwork and/or EKG?

A. The medications that we administer and/or prescribe may interfere with some of your

bodily functions such as your heart, liver, and kidneys. Therefore, baseline and follow-up

blood work is required. You may bring recent (within 1 year) bloodwork and EKG to your appointment for review.  You may also make an appointment with your PCP to have the diagnostics completed. We also will give you resources to get the diagnostics completed. The average cost for the diagnostics out of pocket is $76.

Diet Screening & Counseling is Mandatory for Weight Loss Assistance!